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  • 05/16/2017 5:31 PM | Jessica Short (Administrator)
    Earlier this month, at the Installation Luncheon, the San José Management Association installed its new officers and board members to the 2017-18 Board of Directors. You saw some familiar faces as well as a new one, Sarah Nunes, who recently joined the Board. Welcome, Sarah!

    As per the SJMA Bylaws, the board elections were held with the membership voting to validate the new board line-up. Here is the SJMA Board Slate:

    President – John Cannon, Public Works

    Vice President, Communications Director – Jessica Short, Public Works

    Treasurer – Rachel VanderVeen, Finance

    Secretary – Valerie Osmond, ESD

    Retiree Representative – Leslie Hallenbeck, Retiree

    Board of Directors:

    Claudia Chang, Membership Director, PRNS,

    Ashwini Kantak, ESD

    Kathy Lang, ESD

    Jennie Loft, ESD

    Gloria Schmanek, CMO

    Dan Tong, Retiree

    Dhez Woodworth, OED,work2future

    Sarah Nunes, Retiree

    We are excited to have Sarah on board. Sarah recently retired from her management position in Human Resources. She brings much insight and new ideas for leadership development opportunities.

    You may have noticed that long-time board member, Mark Brogan, was missing from this year's board slate. Mark left the city, and so the board. His positive energy and willingness to help in any way has already been missed, but we hope to continue to see him at upcoming events.

    Also absent was Lenka Wright. Our past president moved to live in Washington. Her leadership was invaluable and we miss her greatly!

  • 02/06/2016 10:24 PM | Deleted user
    Later this month, the San José Management Association will install its new officers and board members to the 2016-17 Board of Directors. You’ll see some familiar faces as well as new ones who will join the Board during the Thursday, February 25 Installation Luncheon.

    As per the SJMA Bylaws, the board elections are underway with the membership voting to validate the new board line-up. Here is the SJMA Board Slate:

    President – John Cannon, Public Works

    Vice President – Jessica Short, Public Works

    Treasurer – Rachel VanderVeen, Finance

    Secretary – Valerie Osmond, ESD

    Retiree Representative – Leslie Hallenbeck, Retiree

    Past President – Lenka Wright, CMO

    Board of Director:
    Mark Brogan, Finance

    Claudia Chang, PRNS

    Ashwini Kantak, ESD

    Kathy Lang, ESD

    Jennie Loft, ESD

    Gloria Schmanek, CMO

    Dan Tong, Retiree

    Dhez Woodworth, OED,work2future

    You likely noticed that long-term board member John Lang is no longer serving as SJMA's treasurer. John is now with the City of Morgan Hill. With a heavy heart, the board wished John well with his new career opportunity but let him know we still expect to see him at SJMA events.

    We also hope to see you at the luncheon where the new Board of Directors will be announced. Be sure to register -  it's only $15/member to attend plus you’ll hear from an impressive panel composed of directors who assumed their roles within the past year.

    Join us at the Installation Luncheon later this month!


  • 12/30/2015 10:55 PM | Deleted user

    On behalf of the SJMA Board of Directors, wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with prosperity and success.

    See you in 2016!

  • 11/15/2015 3:34 PM | Deleted user
    You enjoy networking with your City colleagues. You have an idea or two about a great event that SJMA should host. You always look forward to receiving a flyer about the next SJMA happening.

    The time is right for you to consider serving on the SJMA Board of Directors.

    As a board member, you attend board meetings once a month during lunchtime and plan at least one event during the year. You’d also have the support to be successful by being paired with at least one board member who’s frequently hosted events. You would gain leadership skills through event planning, membership management, and special assignments.

    Claudia Chang is SJMA’s Membership Director. “
    I get to do fun things with SJMA that I probably would not do if it was up to me to plan it,” added Claudia. “My favorite SJMA event is the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo Sleepover which also happens to be the first SJMA event I attended. I had a great time with my girls and spending time with other SJMA families.”

    For me, it never crossed my mind that one day I’d serve as president. Serving on the board allows you to take risks and broaden your skill sets. Being a board member means facing challenges, enhancing your interpersonal skills, and adding to your professional development.

    I’ve learned how to successfully negotiate a contract when it appeared there was nothing to negotiate. I know how to make the best of a situation whether it’s torrential downpours or the shutdown of streets downtown to ensure our members get the experience they signed on for.

    If you’re considering taking the next step and
    applying to become a board member, I encourage you to attend our next board meeting on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Being a part of the SJMA Board is addicting!       

  • 09/27/2015 10:03 AM | Deleted user

    Los Lagos Golf Course served as our host course for the San Jose Management Association Golf Tournament. Forty golfers from nine departments participated in the annual event on Friday, September 18, 2015.

    The weather was ideal, not too warm with a slight breeze, although a fox or two disrupted play momentarily as the curious animals strolled across the fairways. Check out the slideshow.

    Congratulations to the City Attorney's Office team featuring Rick Doyle, Dan Tong, George Rios and Cliff Greenberg who captured first place in the tournament with a net score of 51.

    Here are the tournament highlights:

    • Low Gross Score (53, 51 net) - Attorney's Office (Rick Doyle, Dan Tong, George Rios, Cliff Greenberg)
    • 2nd Low Net Score (55) - DOT/PBCE Retirees (Stan Ketchum, Cesario Rodriguez, Russell Hansen, David Murphy)
    • Most Honest Score (74) - Finance/ESD/Housing/CMO (Mark Brogan, Aurelia Bailey, Shirley Mata, Lenka Wright)
    • Fewest Putts (20) - Attorney's Office (Rick Doyle, Dan Tong, George Rios, Cliff Greenberg)
    • Longest Drive (Men) - Russell Hansen (DOT)
    • Longest Drive (Women) - Aurelia Bailey (Housing)
    • Closest to the Pin (Hole No. 3) - John Nagata (ESD)
    • Closest to the Pin (Hole No. 8) - George Rios (CAO Retiree)
    • Closest to the Pin (Hole No. 12) - Mike Carrillo (DPW Guest)
  • 08/10/2015 8:50 PM | Deleted user

    While perusing LinkedIn updates, I came across an inspiring post from author/financial advisor/motivational speaker/TV host Suze Orman.

    It's part of a series in which professionals thank those who helped them get to where they are today. Some are sharing words of wisdom they received from their mentors including:

    • "When things get crazy busy, sing louder. Things come in waves and it'll be over soon."
    • "Read, read, read and then read some more."

    • "Boundaries are not physical – theyre mental."

    Orman focuses on her mentoring experiences in a post called "I Didn’t Become a Mentor to Make Others More Like Me." Check it out:

    #ThankYourMentor today!

  • 08/01/2015 5:06 PM | Deleted user

    After-work networking events, lunch-hour gatherings, and sports-related activities: these activities are the top ones that members told us they’d like SJMA to offer.

    During the annual Member Appreciation BBQ, 80 members participated in a brief, anonymous survey. Here’s what you told us:

    • Top five activities to offer
      • After-work networking - 46 votes
      • Lunch-hour webinars or events - 45 votes
      • Sports-related - 41 votes
      • Cultural - tied with 38 votes
      • Concerts – tied with 38 votes
    • About a third of survey takers also liked
      • Vineyard-related – 35 votes
      • Volunteer opportunities – 30 votes
    • Other interests included
      • Family friendly events – tied with 25 votes
      • How to activities such as painting – tied with 25 votes
      • Fitness-oriented – 22 votes
      • Fleet Week in San Francisco – 16 votes
    This summer, SJMA is not hosting a Family Camp at Yosemite weekend due to lower member participation in recent years among other reasons. The cost for two adults and two children, a tent, food and activities is now approximately $420. Through the survey, we asked you if you’d still be interested in SJMA planning an all-inclusive two-night camping trip at Family Camp in 2016. Nineteen members said yes while 37 said no, and another 22 members were non-committal. Next year, the SJMA Board will consider whether or not to host a 2016 camping trip dependent upon member interest, cost and other factors.

    Another area we probed was having our own intramural sports team. Twenty-eight of the survey takers are ready to play ball, 32 said not interested, and 20 members told us it depends. We’ve heard suggestions for a softball team while others proposed volleyball. The board will begin exploring the idea further in the coming months.

    Thank you to all the members who weighed in about SJMA events through the survey. While the survey’s completed, you don’t have to wait to give us your input. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you may post comments online, email, or contact a board member.

    Through our membership, the San Jose Management Association develops, inspires, connects, encourages, and supports current and retired City of San José managers.
  • 07/07/2015 7:29 PM | Deleted user

    The online networking site, LinkedIn, is structured for professionals. It's a great way to connect with colleagues, near and far, on a business-oriented platform. It's where you can read/share articles, get leadership and management tips, give kudos for others' accomplishments, follow thought leaders and organizations including the City of San José, and learn about issues in your line of work.

    To make the most out of your LinkedIn profile, here are five useful tips from a Forbes magazine staffer who got guidance straight from the folks at LinkedIn,  

  • 05/19/2015 9:36 PM | Deleted user

    For 80’s movie fans, Lloyd Dobler is an unforgettable character played effortlessly by John Cusack in a pre-Lean In era. All he wants to do is stand by the unreachable girl of his dreams as she pursues her lofty goals.

    When asked by his love interest’s father what he wants to do with his life, Lloyd obviously knew nothing about public service. Otherwise, it most certainly would have ousted his top professional pick of kickboxing.

    Let’s head back to that awkward dinner scene in “Say Anything” and find out what Lloyd wants to do with his life.

    If Lloyd was transported to the year 2015, what kind of career do you think he would pursue?

  • 03/11/2015 10:10 PM | Deleted user

    American Academy of Dramatic Arts logoWhen I was in my early 20s, I auditioned to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Art’s summer program in New York City. Graduates of the Academy include actors Robert Redford, Grace Kelley, Paul Rudd, Kim Cattrall and countless others.


    About two weeks after I auditioned, the letter arrived in the mail. I was accepted! The summer program coursework included sessions in Acting, Voice and Speech, Vocal Production, and Movement. I wasn’t aspiring to become an actress. Rather, I figured the training would be useful for someone starting out in broadcasting. Each class would have a final at the end of the term. The only final I truly dreaded was in vocal production where I would have to sing by myself.


    I’ll sing along with the radio. I’ll sing with my friends at the club. I’ll sing at church. But singing solo in front of my classmates: that’s not what I signed up for that summer. I can carry a tune but I am certainly not the entertainer that my father is.


    Our vocal coach, who I’ll call Ms. Mason as I have willfully blocked her real name from my memory, wanted us to learn how to sing properly. Ms. Mason encouraged us to work on our breathing and stretch ourselves to expand our vocal capabilities. Her theory was that anyone can sing. They just had to learn the right technique. I have some vocal range but I’m more comfortable as an alto which is in the low range. I really have to concentrate to go an octave or two higher. For the final exam, Ms. Mason selected a song that the entire class would sing that could be adjusted to match a singer’s strength. It was up to each student to decide how to sing it.


    The day finally came to sing. All 18 of us stood in a circle and sang when our turn came up. When Sandy sang before me, I was still having an internal debate about which notes I was comfortable singing. I decided not to take any chances and sang as an alto. I remembered all the words, my voice sounded smooth, and my breathing was flawless.


    I felt good about the performance. Then I got my report card in the mail. I opened the envelope and was surprised when I saw Ms. Mason gave me a B. She wrote that my final performance was fine but she knew I could sing in the higher range if I had taken the challenge. She was disappointed that I chose to go the easy route. She lowered my grade because I played it safe.


    Over the years, that experience has stayed with me as I pursued a career in television news and, later, as a communications professional. There have been many times when I could have coasted along and still done well. I could have made decisions that would have been easier to swallow and kept me in my comfort zone. But I often think back to that day and what I could have gained if I had gone for it and sang soprano.


    In 2015, your SJMA Board of Directors is working tirelessly to bring you fun, enriching, and community-minded activities to help bring our network of managers closer. This year, make a point to attend more events, encourage others to join SJMA, or simply share your ideas on our “After Five” message board. This year, take a chance with SJMA and sing the high note! Just don’t ask me to sing.

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