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08/01/2015 5:06 PM | Deleted user

After-work networking events, lunch-hour gatherings, and sports-related activities: these activities are the top ones that members told us they’d like SJMA to offer.

During the annual Member Appreciation BBQ, 80 members participated in a brief, anonymous survey. Here’s what you told us:

  • Top five activities to offer
    • After-work networking - 46 votes
    • Lunch-hour webinars or events - 45 votes
    • Sports-related - 41 votes
    • Cultural - tied with 38 votes
    • Concerts – tied with 38 votes
  • About a third of survey takers also liked
    • Vineyard-related – 35 votes
    • Volunteer opportunities – 30 votes
  • Other interests included
    • Family friendly events – tied with 25 votes
    • How to activities such as painting – tied with 25 votes
    • Fitness-oriented – 22 votes
    • Fleet Week in San Francisco – 16 votes
This summer, SJMA is not hosting a Family Camp at Yosemite weekend due to lower member participation in recent years among other reasons. The cost for two adults and two children, a tent, food and activities is now approximately $420. Through the survey, we asked you if you’d still be interested in SJMA planning an all-inclusive two-night camping trip at Family Camp in 2016. Nineteen members said yes while 37 said no, and another 22 members were non-committal. Next year, the SJMA Board will consider whether or not to host a 2016 camping trip dependent upon member interest, cost and other factors.

Another area we probed was having our own intramural sports team. Twenty-eight of the survey takers are ready to play ball, 32 said not interested, and 20 members told us it depends. We’ve heard suggestions for a softball team while others proposed volleyball. The board will begin exploring the idea further in the coming months.

Thank you to all the members who weighed in about SJMA events through the survey. While the survey’s completed, you don’t have to wait to give us your input. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you may post comments online, email, or contact a board member.

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